What To Expect

Here is what a typical service might look like.

1. Music    Enjoy the music as our Worship Team leads us in worship. We welcome you to join us through music, as we worship our Lord Jesus Christ. 

2. Community   We’ll briefly tell you about current and upcoming events at the Church and give you an opportunity to make some new friends.

3. Prayer   No matter where you are in your spiritual journey, God is waiting for you. He is ready to listen to your hurts, pain, passion, and desires. During our prayer time, we take a few moments to ask God to help us with the issues of life that are common to all.

4. Message   We will spend 30-40 minutes learning how to apply God’s Truth to life’s challenges. We often use video or life stories (testimonies) as part of our service.

5. Closing   We will give you an opportunity to respond if you would like, to the message that Dr. Byron shares.  Prayer for needs will be offered and opportunity for personal pray will be given. You will find warm and caring individuals who desire to pray with you and for you at the front of the Sanctuary. Please feel free to come forward and stay as long as you’d like.

6. Giving     In the Word, God gives us opportunity to Worship Him through our giving.  The Word also tells us that through our giving it allows God to Bless us abundantly.  We give opportunity for everyone who values the mission of Cornerstone Church to partner with us through giving back a portion of what God has blessed you with.